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Release Baggage, Spring into the New!

Happy Spring! When I think about spring I think of flowers blooming, fresh green grass, baby birds chirping; nature provides clear representations of renewal! Spring is a time of rebirth, a time to step into the life that is truly ours.


To move forward it’s important to first release what’s holding us back. Often in life when we feel stuck and unsure of how to move forward it’s because we have emotional baggage weighing us down. If you are looking to release weight, clean out your closet or take the next step in your career, but something is holding you back, it might be extra baggage in the form of emotions.


Here are three helpful tips, which will allow you to honor the trapped emotions and then release them so you can take the next big or small step to renewal in your life:


  • Release writing, grab a notepad and a pen, ensure you have at least 20 minutes of uninterrupted quiet time. Start writing, write about how your feeling stuck and the emotions associated. Keep your pen moving for at least 10 minutes. Don’t worry about spelling, grammar or if what you are writing even makes sense, and most importantly DO NOT read what you are writing! When you feel like you have emptied everything out onto the paper, ceremoniously burn it or rip it up into tiny little pieces never to be seen again – releasing yourself of the feelings that have been holding you back!


  • Create space to process your emotions. Are you guilty of being a human doing instead of a human being? Staying super busy all the time can be an unhealthy strategy for suppressing emotions which need to be felt. When something makes you sad, angry, anxious, hurt, upset, etc… it can be easier to say, “I’m fine” and just move right along, staying busy and hoping those uncomfortable feelings just go away. Unfortunately, it doesn’t work that way. Suppressed feelings can get in the way of moving forward in our lives. So, create some space to honor them, light a candle, draw a bath or go find a quiet spot in nature. Begin thinking of how you felt when you were wronged, hurt, angered, etc… where do you feel it in your body, do you feel hot or cold, is there a color associated with the feeling. Is your body trying to communicate something to your brain with the feeling? Be inquisitive, really feel into your body, and let whatever needs to come up flow through you and out.Release Baggage, Spring into the New!


  • Move freely! We spend so much time sitting and when we do move it’s usually structured or choreographed. Allow your mind to shut off and your body to take hold. Turn the music up and dance in anyway your body wants to, roll around on the floor, jump, shimmy, leap – whatever calls to you. Get outside without your phone, and allow yourself to walk, jog, skip or run at whatever pace feels good to you, mix it up. Throw a tantrum, literally get on the floor like a little kid and kick and scream. Whatever movement you take don’t over think it, turn your mind off and let your body direct you. If emotions come up while your moving that’s great, feel into them and allow them to direct your movement; gently moving the emotions out of your body.  

Try one, two or all of these techniques to help you release the emotional baggage that’s holding you back from renewal! Enjoy your Spring!


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