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Amanda Littleton of Wellthie Life
+1 (929) 265-8816
Seattle, WA USA
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My Approach

My mission is to help smart, busy professionals see how amazing life can be when they feel fantastic. For me health is not the end goal, but a springboard to propel you to connect to your higher self and live a life with purpose and fulfillment.

I have several key values that guide my work:

Holistic approach

Does stress at your job or in your relationship(s) effect your quality of sleep? Does lack of sleep or low energy cause you to overeat? As we work together, we will look at how all parts of your life affect your health and happiness as a whole.



Each of us has unique food and lifestyle needs, there is no one-size fits all approach to well-being. As your coach, I will not dictate a diet or lifestyle for you, but together we will explore why some foods and lifestyle choices make you feel better than others and how to strategically use that feedback.


Small actionable changes

Making changes slowly and consistently, in small bite sized chunks ensures long-term success. I will support you in achieving the goals that are most important to you, together we will come up with easy to implement steps within reasonable timeframes.


No deprivation

Feeling deprived is not a successful long term approach to overall health and happiness. We will not put harsh restrictions on any area of your life, but instead focus on releasing what's in the way of making healthy changes, mindful practices around eating and other areas of life that leave you feeling good!



Being healthy and living the life you desire doesn’t need to be complicated. However, I know it can be overwhelming to get started. I help you to release the roadblocks getting in your way, simplify the decision-making process, supporting you in discovering the diet and lifestyle changes that work best for you. 

Remove baggage

In order to make long lasting change it's important to resolve the root of the problem. I support my clients in removing the baggage in the form of negative emotions, limiting beliefs and internal conflicts that get in the way of creating lasting success. 

Check out my programs to see how we can work together, to achieve your health and lifestyle goals.