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Amanda Littleton of Wellthie Life
+1 (929) 265-8816
Seattle, WA USA
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    "Choosing to work with Amanda was simply one of the best decisions I've made in my life. By following her program for the last six months, I have seen a dramatic improvement in my health and stress levels. I have lowered my blood pressure and blood sugar from pre-diabetic levels to well within normal ranges. By following her nutritional recommendations, I have been able to lose over 7 percent body fat and have gained lean muscle mass which has always been a challenge for me. I would recommend to anyone that wants to improve their overall health and happiness, that Amanda is the health coach for you."

    Jason L.  |  Seattle, WA


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    "From the moment we met, I knew I was working with a complete professional. I was very impressed with your knowledge of nutrition, exercise and stress management. Though I hate to admit it, I have been on several "fad diets", but also have attempted traditional weight loss approaches such as basic calorie counting. Unfortunately, they have been only temporary successes.

    Since your coaching and ongoing support, I have not only lost 26 pounds in 6 months, (which according to my PCP is a healthy weight loss), but have increased my activity level significantly, improved my dietary habits and feel great. I truly feel that my attitude towards the challenge of weight loss has changed, mainly because I have not felt as though I am depriving myself of food but enjoying healthy choices. I am also pleased to let you know how these positive changes have also influenced my family to eat healthier and feel better."

    Diane L.  |  Hartford, CT