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Amanda Littleton of Wellthie Life
+1 (929) 265-8816
Seattle, WA USA
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Amanda Littleton (Giralmo)


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My Story

My turning point happened when my first marriage fell apart.

During my first year of marriage, I ballooned up to the heaviest I have ever been - about 40 pounds heavier than I am today. I tried many diets, some with success, but nothing with staying power. I was on the yoyo diet train going in circles. None of these diets were going to help without addressing the bigger picture of my health.

My main focus was my career. I was working in a corporate job that I excelled in, and I let my success distract me from seeing the signs that this lifestyle did not fulfill my passion and that my health was at risk. I’m a recovering people pleaser. I wasn’t taking care of MYSELF. I wasn’t sleeping nor exercising much, and I consumed too many adult beverages a little too often. This didn’t seem abnormal, I saw my peers pushing hard at work and playing hard on the weekends too.

Going through my divorce I told myself I could push through the painful emotions while also keeping up with long hours at work. Numbing my emotions and not attending to the selfcare that I needed took a toll on my health. I had given myself anxiety, depression, post-traumatic stress disorder, the start of an ulcer, strep throat, and a urinary tract infection all at the same time – still working, ignoring the pain (I count my blessings that my health issues weren’t worse).

I’m so grateful to my mom for dragging me to the doctor, a shell of myself. The doctor took one look at me and said if I didn’t take a break from work, my health would only get worse. My first reaction was, there is no way I have time for that! What will people say about me? How will this affect my performance review? Will I even have a job to go back to if I leave? The worst was my worry of all the people I was going to let down.

I finally realized I had been letting myself down, and very soon I would have nothing left to give anyone. I took a break to heal emotionally and physically. For the first time, I truly realized how critically important my mental and physical health are to living a life I love. The healing process took time and I had to learn how to accept help from others - doctors, counselors, coaches, friends, family and even kind strangers - all to whom I am forever thankful.

I didn’t just wake up one day and decide to leave the corporate world to become a Holistic Health & Life Coach. During my healing process, I got off the yoyo diet train. Keeping the weight off, checking in with my body and learning the types of foods I need to thrive. Perhaps, even more importantly, I learned how my thoughts, relationships, and job affect my health. I was drawn to a career to fill my heart and give me purpose. Wellthie Life is my way to help others use health as the vehicle to propel them to be their best and live a life they love.

When I’m not working with clients, I get out in nature - hiking, snowboarding or playing at the park or beach with my husband and step-son. Travel is my other passion, experiencing new cultures, sights and cities brings me joy! Yoga, meditation and energy work keep me centered. I’m constantly looking for new ways to eat well, without being a slave to the stove.


My Training

I’ve been privileged to learn from top wellness experts like Deepak Chopra, Gabrielle Bernstein, David Wolfe, Mark Hyman, and many others, through my transformational experience at the Institute for Integrative Nutrition (IIN). I’ve learned innovative coaching methods, practical lifestyle management techniques, and over 100 dietary theories – Ketogenic, gluten-free, Paleo, raw, vegan, macrobiotics, and everything in between. I've also been trained in Lifestyle Medicine and certified as a Therapeutic Lifestyle Educator through the FirstLine Therapy Program. Additionally, I received my Master Practitioner certification in Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), Mental Emotional Release ® Therapy and Hypnotherapy from The Empowerment Partnership becoming fluent in the language of the mind to transform and remove road blocks to achieve lasting success, along with certification as a Reiki Master to provide energetic support and training in Mediumship for intuitive connection.

My training combined with over 13 years’ experience in the non-profit and corporate world, where I navigated complex situations, collaborated with bright, diverse and at times challenging personalities, as well as coached, mentored and led individuals and teams (my favorite part!); provides me a unique perspective as a holistic health & life coach.

  • Holistic Health Coach

  • Master Practitioner of NLP

  • Master Practitioner of Mental Emotional Release ® Therapy
  • Master Practitioner of Hypnotherapy
  • Therapeutic Lifestyle Educator

  • Reiki Master

  • Intuitive
  • Bachelors of Arts in Communication


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